Gardens of North Northumberland


alnwick-garden.jpgVery much a labour of love, The Alnwick Gardens were the project of the Duchess of Northumberland for many years. From the moment you walk through the entrance arch and see the grand cascade you know it is going to be a beautiful, magical place. There are many different areas to explore from The Serpent Garden with its amazing water features to The Poison Garden where you definitely don't want to pick the flowers. Each has been designed to be interactive with their winding paths and stunning variety of plants and flowers. You can spend a full day in the Castle and Gardens, and they are worth every minute.


cragside-grounds.jpgSurrounding Cragside house itself are the beautiful grounds and gardens. There are formal gardens or the more wild routes of the wilder areas with a 6 mile drive around the perimeter with parking and seating/picnic areas along the way where you can sit and have lunch or start off on the 40 miles of criss crossing paths through the woods and around the lakes. You could spend a lot of time here on a warm summer day and not regret one minute of it.


howick-hall-gardens.pngThe gardens of Howick Hall have been lovingly created over a period of almost 100 years and are a stunning display of spring bulbs and the wooded garden is particularly popular. Howick prefer to maintain a more informal and natural style but this works beautifully and is a must for those wanting to see the best gardens Northumberland has to offer.

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